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Our customized, regularly scheduled fertilization plans span four to six treatments from spring to fall. We offer one of the best Fertilization Treatment in Dubai.

At Abdul Jabbar Landscape Gardening, we offer customized fertilization plans for the communities in and around all our U.A.E. Your lawn deserves to be healthy, lush, and green all year long. While regular mowing, maintenance, are all very important, they alone are not enough to keep weeds from growing or prevent your lawn from falling victim to diseases.

Type of treatments

We start your fertilizer applications in the spring and finish right before the first frost in fall, in order to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy. During these treatments, you can expect a combination of:

  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Post-emergent weed control
  • Winterized treatment
  • Carefully formulated fertilizer

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